DSF 1.0- $159.00 (Includes DSF Book)

DSF 2.0- $129.00

DSF 3.0- $129.00

DSF 4.0- $129.00

Purchase all four levels for $435.00. A 20% Savings!!


You must have taken any Valid Permit to Carry Course from a Certified Instructor. 

You must complete the E-Learning portion before you may attend the course.

Each course is cumulative and you MUST pass the previous course to move forward into the following level.

What to bring:

Semi Auto Firearm .380 or larger (One can be provided at an additional cost)

3 Magazines and mag carrier (Double Preferred)


At Least 200 Rounds of premium factory ammo (NO STEEL OR ALUMINUM CASES) per level.
Eye and ear protection if you have it

Training Your Mind and Body to Respond

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Ramsey, MN 55303


DSF 1.0

  • Psychology and Statistics applicable to Defensive Scenarios
  • How to recognize information and consistently execute on demand
  • Understand what a Dynamic Critical Incident is and how to navigate it
  • What are the most likely scenarios and are you trained for them?
  • Defensive Shooting Accuracy defined
  • Live Fire Shooting Drills

DSF 2.0

  • What is our body's natural reaction to stress and how do we use that to our advantage
  • Presentation from a holster
  • Analysis and explanation of Balance of Speed and Precision
  • Shooting drills on Balance of Speed and Precision
  • Lateral movement while shooting

DSF 3.0

  • Review of skills in 2.0
    • Holster Work
    • Balance of Speed and Precision
    • Lateral Movement
  • Grip and Trigger Control; what is Dynamic Deviation and how to control it
  • One handed shooting
  • "Facing": 90-180 Degree turns while shooting
  • "Tactical Stroll": Walking and cognitive load while shooting

DSF 4.0

  • Putting it all together, skill and drill review
    • ​Presentation from holster
    • Balance of Speed and Precision
    • Lateral Movement
    • Facing
    • Tactical Stroll
  • ​Home Defense Principles
  • ​Home Defense Simulation

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Have you ever:

  • Wanted to advance your shooting skills beyond the static shooting range?
  • Wondered how you would react in a defensive situation?
  • Wanted to have your home best prepared for a defensive situation?
  • Questioned whether your excellent range shooting will equate to excellent defensive shooting?

Then this class is for you!

Defensive Shooting FundAmentals