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TD Round up

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Looking for a new way to enjoy some range time?
How about trying new challenges to your current training regimen, but in a more relaxed and less-competitive fashion?

Or… are you looking to introduce someone to shooting in a way that resembles “plinking cans” or other reactionary targets like we did as kids in the “back 40”?
Everybody remembers blasting bottle caps and cans with a BB gun, and watching them skitter across the ground, right?!!
If this sounds like fun, then be sure to join us on Thursday nights starting June 8th from 5pm to 8pm for “The TD Roundup”. Shooters can show up anytime throughout the night for only $15.
Each Thursday night will feature a new format / goal of:
*Shooting games!
*Shooting competitions!
*Training scenarios against a dreaded “clock! *Reactionary targets set up for a “Tin Can Alley” feel!
*AND many more!
We are also encouraging participants to give us their ideas to incorporate into this fun night as well.
Feel free to check any / or all events on Thursday, as these Fun Nights are open to all and are not a league.


Why do I have to pay a $15.00 entry fee?

  • It helps cover the cost of targets. Once it's averaged out, it still ends up being cheaper than shooting regularly. 

Do I have to make every week?

  • NO! This is a come when you can style event. Each week will be something new and different. 

What do I need to bring?

  • Each week will require different things. We will post what is needed on our Facebook page prior to each weeks event.

What is the course of fire?

  • The course of fire will be posted at the start of each event. Each week will consist of a different course of fire than the previous week.