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Visiting instructor Membership

Looking for a "Home Range" to Host your classes?

LOOK NO FURTHER! With our Annual Instructor Membership, you not only gain access to our State-Of-The-Art Range and Facility, you SAVE money while doing so!


  • $50.00 Classroom Rental (Savings of $125.00 per class)
    • Fully Equipped Classroom with TV, Computer, Training Aids, Tables, Seating for up to 30 students.
  • $10.00 Per Student Range Fees (Savings of $7.00 per student)
  • $0.25 Each Total Defense Branded Silhouette Targets (Savings of $0.50 each target)
  • $15.00 Glock 44 .22lr Rentals with 35 rounds of ammo (Savings of $15.00 per rental)
  • 5% Discount on Ammo for Instructor and Students
  • 10% Discount on Merchandise for Instructor and Students (Excludes Ammo & Firearms)
  • Free Storage for Instructor Member
    • Storage of course materials, books, personal items, IFAK kit, etc. (Firearms are not part of the free storage)
    • Firearms may be stored in our vault for $50.00 per firearm
      • They MUST be in a range bag or storage device approved by Total Defense.
      • Firearms will be logged into our bound books per ATF Rules. If firearms need to be removed from our premises, they must be logged out of our books via a 4473 or FFL Transfer following State and Federal Laws.
  • If you are a USCCA Certified Instructor, you will be informed of any USCCA Events being hosted by Total Defense.
    • ​You may attend these events if you would like.
  • Instructor Members are invited to attend Total Defense Instructor Events or Opportunities.
    • ​This includes Instructor Meetings and Classes such as Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, AR-15 Fundamentals, First Aid Fundamentals and other future curriculums. 


​​STore Hours 

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-8pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

*Last shooter 45 minutes before close


Above prices do not include tax. Membership may be revoked for any reason including but not limited to failure to follow Total Defense Rules and Guidelines. Membership is Annual and non-transferable. Instructor must still meet Total Defense requirements to use the range and facility with students. For details visit our Visiting Instructor Page or contact us directly.

$750+tax First year