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Designed and manufactured by Shooting Range Industries “SRI” in North Las Vegas, Our 25 yard, 10 lane indoor shooting range has many state of the art components. The range is both pistol and rifle rated. The innovative design of our shooting stalls allows for the best shooter orientation, protection and comfort. Our shooting stalls consist of double steel jacketed walls covered with a durable diamond plate aluminum. The SRI bullet traps are true bullet traps. All projectiles that enter the mouth of the trap are directed in to the rear vertical cylindrical bullet catch that decelerates the bullet until it loses its inertia and fails into the collection container under the back body of the trap. No other media such as rubber, sand or water are used in this passive style of trap. All surfaces of the bullet traps that come in contact with the fired bullets are all hardened AR500 steel plates and at specially designed angles so as not to put additional wear on the plate. Another unique feature of the SRI bullet traps is the exhaust port on top of the rear cylindrical bullet collector portion of the trap.  This exhaust port allows us to connect to our air filtration system to collect any freeborn air particulate. This creates a negative pressure in the bullet trap and helps prevent the accumulation of lead dust and other light particulates. The Target Retrieval System is independently operated by each shooter to allow for controlled positioning of each target’s distance. With the advanced pre-filters and HEPA filters in the HVAC system, the air inside the range is hospital clean.


Designed by Shooting Range Industries as well, our 12 yard Pistol Bay features 6 lanes with hard rail target retrieval systems, LED strobes for LEO Training, Skirting to allow trainings to advance down range, and a state of the art air circulation "Purge" system.