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Youth Any-Day Pistol League


Shooters that are under the age of 18, Must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian. 

Why do I have to pay a $5.00 entry fee?

  • It helps cover the cost of the reception and prizes. 

Why do I have to make up weeks?

  • We allow late entries; and shoot-aheads as convenience to our competitors. Only those that have completed all 10 weeks will be eligible for the reception prizes.

Can I pay $10.00 and shoot XYZ number of weeks?

  • No. We allow shooting ahead and making up rounds as a convenience to our competitors, for this we require shooters to pay the full rounds’ cost.

How will I be able to see the current scores?

  • We will update and post each weeks standings online as well as in-store at the end of each week.

Is there anything for First, Second, Third, Ect?

  • No. This league is designed to be stress-free and foster the desire for new shooters to compete in leagues.

What is the course of fire?

  • The course of fire will be posted at the start of each week. Each week will consist of a different course of fire than the previous week. Each weeks course of fire will consist of 50 rounds of ammo.

What restrictions are there for handguns?

  • There are no restrictions in this league. It is a compete against yourself league. Optics may be used. Any caliber handgun may be used.



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Our Youth Any-Day Pistol league is designed to be a stress-free, shoot at your leisure league. There is no First, Second, Third place. Be a part of a great activity. Our league is fun for all ages. Shooters must be under 18 to shoot in the Youth Any-Day League. Registration is only $5.00 for the League and each week is $5.00 and includes eye and ear rental and all needed league targets. Each Any Day League Season runs for 10 weeks. After the 10 weeks are completed, we host an End of Season Reception with food, drinks, and prizes*. Any competitor that registers may attend the reception however, to be eligible for prizes you must complete all 10 weeks. 

*Prizes are based on the number of shooters that complete each season.