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ACtion League

The Action League is BACK at

Total Defense!

A huge THANK YOU to Bug and Rich for helping us run the League.


How much does it cost?

  • Cost is $20.00 plus tax per shooter.

How many shooters are allowed?

  • We currently have room for 35 shooters. 

Are walk-ins allowed?

  • No. Due to the limited space, Walk-Ins are not accepted. You MUST register for each match you intend to shoot.

How will I be able to see the current scores?

  • We will update and post each weeks scores to PractiScore. 

What are the Rules?

  • Our league is an "Outlaw Match" style and will follow USPSA Rules and Total Defense Rules.

What is the course of fire?

  • There will be 4 stages each night in 2 bays.

Can I use a PCC?

  • Yes, PCC is allowed for matches.