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Christian rieck


Christian was born and raised in Otsego. He learned his love for shooting and all things gun related from his Grandpa. Christian joined our team 3 years ago and brings a wealth of amazing customer service and customer relations to Total Defense. He loves assisting customers in finding the right firearm or product that fits their needs and wants. He enjoys teaching new shooters in private lessons and helping them learn the basics of shooting. In his spare time, Christian loves to Hunt and be outdoors.

alex sogn

Alex joins our team with over 6 years of sales experience and working business expos. He is currently enrolled at Bethel University where he is working towards a degree in Biology with a minor in business. He is a gun enthusiast and is continually reading and studying up on different models, how to modify guns, and how to build them. In his spare time, Alex loves camping, mountain biking, and spending time at the lake. Alex is certified in First Aid and CPR.

Noah Almen

Noah grew up and lives in rural Elk River where he has grown to love hunting and shooting. He enjoys any form of shooting sports. Whether it's sporting clays, working on handgun drills, hammering steel at long distance, or just plinking with a .22, he loves to do it. Noah is a USCCA Certified Instructor in CCHDF and DSF. Noah teaches our MN Multi-State Permit to Carry Course and enjoys instructing and educating shooters of all experience levels. When he is not at Total Defense, he enjoys target shooting, making custom kydex holsters and gunsmithing in his spare time.

Mark Paul


​​Mark is a NRA certified pistol instructor that has been teaching with Total Defense for over four years.
Having taken his permit to carry class from Total Defense 8 years back, he appreciated the quality that the classroom experience brought to their students and wanted to be a part of ongoing firearm education.
Mark is passionate about teaching responsible conceal and carry information and providing a positive classroom experience with the Total Defense curriculum.  Education and training is an ongoing and necessary part of being a responsible gun owner and permit holder. 
Outside of Total Defense, Mark is an IT professional specializing in large database systems.  Hobbies include walking, running, shooting, and playing guitar. 

Andrew Provo

Andrew is a martial arts and self defense enthusiast. He also teaches fitness combat and enjoys continually learning new things. Andrew is certified by the USCCA in CCHDF and DSF. He is very passionate about what he does and enjoys helping other people.

Dan wellman

President/Owner/Principal Instructor Dan has been involved in firearms sales for over 30 years. He was a major firearms buyer and manager for both Cabelas and Gander Mountain stores. Dan is an accomplished gunsmith with over 20 years of experience. Dan is a certified USCCA Instructor in CCHDF, DSF, EFAF & CTMST. Dan is also a Certified NRA, and 4-H University of Minnesota firearms instructor and is a certified instructor via the MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) as a CCW instructor trainer. Dan is a certified BAMM Instructor having been trained in specialized instruction techniques for women. He gets to be the lucky guy in the big red suit who gets beat up. Dan has trained in various martial arts styles and competed as a semi-professional kick boxer. He is a Black Belt and certified Tae Kwon Do instructor. Dan has worked towards a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology with certain experience/trainings focusing on the Psychology of Victimization that he utilizes in all of his courses. ​

Angela Wilson

Operations Manager
Angela is a Minnesotan through and through, being born and raised here. She went to school for law but shifted her career paths. She now operates a small cleaning business and works here at Total Defense. When Angela isn't working you can find her up North on her land with her husband, 4 kiddos and their huskys named Tula and Mosin. She enjoys relaxing with a nice book, fishing on the lake, hunting, or dirt biking. Angela considers herself a history buff, who is especially intrigued with old firearms and their historical backgrounds. Angela is Certified in USCCA CCHDF and AR-15 Fundamentals.

"In this industry, I believe knowledge, responsibility, and consistency give people the confidence in owning and using their firearms safely whether it is for sport, hobby, or self-defense." -Angela Wilson

"The greatest victory is that which requires no battle"- Sun Tzu The Art of War.

Darryl Billick


Darryl made his way to us from the woods of Pennsylvania, where he learned to shoot from his grandfathers.  Along the way he worked armed security in the military and private sector, and taught shooting classes for Boy Scouts of America and Civil Air Patrol.  He is a certified NRA Pistol Shooting Instructor and Range Safety Officer, who believes understanding the psychology of a critical stress incident is equally important to knowing how to shoot.  Darryl joined Total Defense in 2017 and found a passion for teaching.  When not at his day job as a computer nerd, or teaching at the range, Darryl spends much of his free time fostering dogs and helping at the rescue.
"I feel learning more effective when the instructor engages students and provides opportunities for them to share their knowledge, vs just stand up there and lecture."

Jeff Avery

General Manager/Asset Protection/Instructor Jeff has been with Total Defense since 2019 as the online sales manager as well as a Permit to Carry and Private Lesson Instructor. He is a Certified USCCA Instructor in CCHDF, DSF, EFAF & CTMST.  Jeff brings with him many years as a retail Loss Prevention and Risk Management Professional before coming to Total Defense. Prior to that Jeff worked in Law Enforcement. His strong background in retail, customer service and law enforcement bring a unique and valuable skill set to Total Defense.  

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Office Manager


Vice President/Instructor Joe is an avid outdoorsman spending as much time in the woods or on the lake as he can. He brings many years of retail experience to Total Defense. Joe has bought and sold many firearms for Gander Mountain. He is a USCCA Certfied Instructor in CCHDF and an NRA Certified Instructor teaching Basic Pistol as well as our MN Multi-State Permit to Carry Course.