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Gun Rental:

$15.00 for the first rental

$10.00 for each additional rental

​5 handgun rental punch card $40.00 ($8.00 per rental, $35.00 savings)

*Ammunition must be bought at the range for all rental firearms.

*Must be 18 or older and have a valid ID for all rentals. 

Ear and eye protection:

$1.00 per session if needed

*Shoot as long as you want during non peak hours (Monday-Thursday).  Sessions during peak hours (Friday-Sunday) are typically by the hour. However, if we do not have guests waiting to shoot you may continue to shoot. 

punch cards

our punch cards offer non-members great discounts on range use.  We offer three different options. 

  • Punch cards never expire

5 session punch card: $80.00 ($16.00 per visit, $20.00 savings)

10 session punch card: $140.00 ($14.00 per visit, $60.00 savings)

20 session punch card: $240.00 ($12.00 per visit, $160.00 savings)

Single lane use

$20.00 per session

$12.00 for second person (shared lane)

​$8.00 for third person (shared lane)