Total Defense | Carry Class | CCW Training | MN

We are a federally licensed firearms instructor offering concealed carry training classes in Ramsey Minnesota.

Our six hour carry class can be completed in one day and covers basic firearm mechanics and fundamentals, concealed carry legislation, limitations and liability issues, carry methods and safety as well as home defense scenarios.  We will also cover victimization psychology, confrontational situation awareness, defusal and response.

Following the carry class there will be a short state required shooting certification at a nearby range.  A $15 dollar fee will need to be paid at the range and is not included in our price .  New shooters will not have a problem passing the certification with our instruction on basic firearm fundamentals and safety.

Classes on Saturdays at 10 AM  We are available six days a week for training, call: 763-432-6134 or email for availability and scheduling.

Please bring your Minnesota drivers license as well as the handgun and ammunition you would like to use for the shooting certification.  If you do not have a firearm to use, please contact us so we can make arrangements; ammunition can be purchased at the range.

Our course meets all requirements outlined in MN statute 624.714.  Upon successful completion of the carry class and shooting certification you will be given a Minnesota Basic Concealed Carry Course Certificate of Completion which can be submitted to the sheriff's office of the county which you currently reside.  Please bring a copy of this certificate and a copy of your drivers license as well as $100 dollars with you when you go to file the application.  The state has 30 days to approve or deny your application and usually it will take the full 30 days.